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Product Ideas and Pitches with Matt Medeiros

In episode 165 of our podcast, I am chatting with Matt Medeiros, podcaster, publisher and the founder of the soon-to-be Business 5000.

Matt has a history, both in the WordPress space and in creating products. He has had his share of ideas, pitches, successes and challenges, the things anyone thinking about a product can relate to.

Matt and the Business 5000

Matt introduces his newest idea, Business 5000, walking us through how he came up with the concept of this incubator.

I asked him how important it is to have a product in this digital age and what that might look like. I also ask him about peer pressure around making products, whether that helps to motivate us—or does it just add extra anxiety.

Product Ideas

We move into the topic of product ideas. Many of us have tons of ideas for products. We have a boatload of domains just crying to be used. Matt shares how he personally weeds out his product ideas and gives you some tips that will help you to focus.

Product Pitches

With product pitches, we look at which is the bigger weakness, not knowing how to do them or merely not doing them. Or do those go hand in hand? And once we have conquered this problem, how do we prioritize those pitches and avoid just trusting the power of email to solve our problem by sending out mass messages.

Lastly, I ask Matt to share what unique challenges a new product has in the WordPress space. If you know Matt, he has plenty to share with us.

Listen in, enjoy and don't forget to subscribe.

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