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Automation and Sales Funnels with Spencer Forman

In episode 166 of our podcast, I am chatting with Spencer Forman, entrepreneur and the founder of the WooCommerce plugin LaunchFlows.

Spencer has been around the web for some time, a good part of that in the WordPress space. He especially is fond of talking about and helping people with their automation.

Automation and Sales Funnels

Automation and sales funnels work hand in hand. I asked Spencer why they are particularly critical for the eCommerce site. He explained why so many store owners drop the ball when it comes to automation and how they can find solutions that integrate easily with WordPress.

Spencer shared his background that has brought him to where he is today, his experience in the WordPress space and his admiration for the WPFusion plugin.

He explained how he created LaunchFlows to help users of CartFlows and eCommerce maximize the sales funnels on their online stores or other WooCommerce-powered sites.

We closed the podcast with Spencer sharing thoughts on what he sees coming in automation and sales funnels, especially around the WordPress/ eCommerce space.

Where you can find Spencer:

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